Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who's Afraid of the Prosperity Gospel?

So, just going through some of my favorite websites when I came across this amazing opportunity.

Sounds good. Who doesn't want financial freedom in these uncertain times? Curious and encouraged I clicked to find out more. Here's what it said:

Wow. I can have the keys to financial freedom and it's not about Benny Hinn Ministries?!? Sweet! See? He's not the money-centered, faith-healing charlatan, enemy-cursing pastor that so many people think he is! Sheesh, he gives his intentions plain as day:
I'm coming to you with this note not to talk about my needs...

He then tells a story of how Dr. Oral Roberts gave him a "seed" to bless his ministry after his trying times with the IRS and Senate Finance Committee inquiries. Dr. Rob encouraged Hinn's viewers to give to the BHM to help get him out of debt. Ohhhh...I get it. I can get out of debt if I help...Hinn get...out...of...debt. Wait. What? Maybe Brother Hinn can make it more clear for me.

Ok, I think I get what he's saying. If I send BHM money, then he will take my money to Dr. O's house and they will pray over it and there will/should/maybe be a financial harvest for me. Huh. Let me reread that... Yup, that's what he's saying. But then that means that my money will be used to get him out of debt. If I wanted to get out of debt, shouldn't I use my own money to get me out of debt?

Anyway, I thought this wasn't talking about Hinn's needs (see quote above). Good thing that even though I'm as confused as an antelope in a combine, Hinn encourages me that as I "sow my seed in faith...believe the Lord to take care of you (me)." Does Hinn believe that, though? Wouldn't that mean that Hinn should give money during this time of debt so he can get out of it?

Here's an eerie test of clarity: Re-read Hinn's article and everytime Hinn says "you" or "your" replace it with the appropriate "me/my/mine" and vice versa. See what happens! Finally, I think I understand! It's some kind of holy-hypnosis!