Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Things to Know About Me

Here are some things you may (or may not) know (or care to know) about me:

1. I hate it when people make me feel stupid. I hated when I was a kid, I hated it in high school, and after getting really experienced with it, I hate it even more as an adult. I know I say dumb/silly/inane things...that should be no surprise, but for the love of Pete, everything I say doesn't have to be responded to with, "That's awkward...", or "On that note...". Those sayings are funny the first time...after that it gets offensive.

2. Rolling ones socks together when putting them in a drawer is an abomination.

3. A selfish, self-centered person, on my list of people I despise, comes right after Satan, Hitler, Jim Morrison, Pol Pot, and Bill Maher. The world is filled with enough pain and need and hurt. A selfish person is someone who is not alive enough to notice or care. I know this sounds harsh but it's, truthfully, because I'm selfish beyond all reason and I hate it.

4. The busier I am, the better I feel.

5. There is an audiobiographical playlist and soundtrack in my head that I've been composing since I was 7. There's a blog series that I've wanted to start about it, but, meh, I'm not there yet.

6. Little things don't matter to me and little things do matter to me.

7. I have two reoccurring dreams: One is about my teeth falling out (that's a bad dream) and the other is where I'm in the mountains in Switzerland, with blue skies and my family (that's a good dream). The teeth dreams happen more frequently...what in the world for?!?

8. Being an educator I know this might sound odd, but I value wisdom and understanding more than education. Education is a process that guarantees no results. Wisdom and knowledge are both means to something greater and ends in themselves. To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan (and Neil Postman): The Medium is the Message and Metaphor. I don't know if that makes sense or even applies in the right way, but it makes me sound smart.

9. I anthropomorphise numbers. "9" is a greedy and mean older grandma-ish character. "10" is a kind and gentle grandfather figure. "5" is the mother of the younger numbers and the daughter of "10". Yeah, I don't know where this comes from, either.

10. Above all, I value in others (and want for myself) a teachable heart.



Mom said...

It's really something to me that we are so similar...numbers have always had more than a 'value' since I was a little little girl. Other areas are similar as well but that is for another day's discussion. Keep blogging my son.

rachel said...

i like the number 9! now i feel selfish and mean!