Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the beginning...

I started a blog. It was the best of blogs, it was the worst of blogs, it was a blog of wisdom, it was a blog of foolishness, it was a blog of belief, it was a blog of incredulity. It was a blog that sadly stole the openings of two of the world's greatest books. But what can you do?

My sisters have successfully talked me into joining this strange environment, this world diary, this metaphoric speakerphone for all the universe to listen in on whatever I want to say. This, this blogging. What am I in for? What are you in for, might be the better question.

So, to start, I guess I better explain why it's called "however fleeting". The title comes from a part in a line from one of my favorite songs by one of the best bands around. No, not U2. Anyway, the line goes,
"I'll take these blue skies however fleeting, it might be too late tomorrow."
When I first heard it almost 6 years ago, it struck a chord (no pun intended, sadly) with me and I have often thought how it sums up so much of my life (my outlook, my faith, my relationships with friends and family, my responses to challenges and obstacles, etc.) and how I try (and try, try again) to live it.

I remember one day telling my students in Chapel that the only time that I am guaranteed to have is the present. Now is the only time we know we have. My question to them (and ultimately to myself) is, are we living obediently to God's will now or are putting it off? Are we living holy now? What are we doing with it? Waiting? Waisting? Investing? Rejoicing? Obeying? Loving? Doubting? What?

I know the phrase isn't as cool as Carpe Diem, especially when Robin Williams says it, but it really makes me think and, hopefully, act. That's my hope for this blog. To help me (or us) think and act.


RiLes said...

Awesome...absolutely love it. So glad you've succumbed to the blogging world :) It'll be great! Thanks for doing this...I know I'm excited!

RiLes said...

Michael! Update your have no excuse!

ScottishTravelers said...

O.K. Michael, you have been holding out on us "bloggers":)
You are such an amazing writer...I am waiting for more ponderings of a Michael Herbert.....Eleanor

ScottishTravelers said...

ditto to RiLee's Comment!! No excuses post again already!

El Presidente said...

Carpe Diem, seize the day.

Tharpe Diem, Tharp the day!